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Inspired by the Japandi-Scandinese style, this minimalist vessel presents an asymmetric line with warm natural bamboo. This bouji is a welcome treat for the fall season. Burning time is 130 hours.

Scents Notes
Base •∙ Eucalyptus
Middle (Heart) • Orange Sweet
Top • Tea Tree

All ingredients are natural: coconut-soy wax with essential oils, and wood wicks.

Material: bamboo
Size: 4 (diameter) in. x 6 (high) in.
Weight: 770 g

Atelye Rémy’s commitment to the environment and sustainability is defined by the way we make our candles. All candles are hand-poured with natural ingredients such as coconut wax, our wood wicks are infused with only essential oils, and all of our vessels can be reused, and some can be refilled. This product (LÉ-KÒS) is NOT suitable for dishwashers or microwaves. Only wash gently by hand.

Fall Collection.