• atelye rémy •


Atelye is a word meaning 'workshop' in creole. In our world, Atelye Rémy is committed to making craft designs and curating big things, all in the name of self-empowerment.

We are inspired by our Haitian heritage and hand-poured our candles with only natural ingredients and sustainability in mind – creating unique ‘bouji’s pieces with carefully chosen essential oils. Candles are meant to be inspiring, unfamiliar, and marvelous. Our passion became the art of crafting something that is uniquely yours.

We are proud to say that all of our bouji's are made with non-toxic ingredients, hand-poured in Quebec, Canada. Our vessels are specifically designed to be repurposed in your home – we believe in sustainability and eco-friendliness. We are dedicated to protecting the environment, to sourcing locally and to creating small batches to ensure products of the highest quality.


We made a conscious choice to use all-natural vegan wax, phthalate-free ingredients, essential oils, and 100% wood wicks for a superior scent throw and clean burning. This ensures that our bouji's will not produce any harmful chemicals when lit.

Coconut wax is also one of the slowest-burning waxes, allowing your bouji to last up to 50% longer than a traditional one. This is why the burn time will seem longer than usual. 

And, as a big plus - coconut wax makes a luxurious candle with scents that can change any room, and a look that is pleasing to the eye. Luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand.