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pran swen

Taking care of your bouji helps for a lasting effect. This luxury candle care set includes a cutter, a ladle, and a snuffer, all in stainless steel matte black. The set comes with a cotton pouch with our brand name.

The candle wick cutter helps light the wood wick easily, making sure it is clean every time, and your bouji glows easier than ever. The candle wick ladle corrects the direction of the wick. Last but not least, extinguish your wood wick safely by avoiding spraying wax or excessive smoke when blowing out the bouji with the snuffer.

Our luxury candle care set is a nice-to-have for all candle lovers.

Material: stainless steel matte black
Size: 7 - 8 " (each piece)
Weight: 178 g

Atelye Rémy’s commitment to the environment and sustainability is defined by the way we make our candles. This product (PRAN SWEN) can be wash hand gently only.

Permanent Collection.